Juno Mission Patch

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Juno Mission Patch


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The Juno mission in 1991 was the first time a British person flew in space. Britain did not have an astronaut programme, so a private consortium formed to raise the funds to buy a seat on a Soviet mission for a British candidate. Helen Sharman was selected over 13,000 other applicants, after hearing Project Juno’s advert, “Astronaut wanted, no experience necessary”.

After undertaking cosmonaut training in Star City in the Soviet Union, Sharman launched into space on Soyuz TM-12 with Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev. It took the crew two days to reach the MIR space station, where Sharman undertook a programme of science experiments and educational outreach.

The mission patch for the Juno Mission features the symbol of a flying goose, taken from Greek mythology. Aphrodite’s chariot was pulled by geese and the birds were also said to guard the temple of Juno in Rome. It features both the United Kingdom and Soviet flags.

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  • image Juno Mission Patch - Front
  • image Juno Mission Patch - Back
  • image Juno Mission Patch - Front
  • image Juno Mission Patch - Back

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