Russian Rowan Berry Cognac

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Russian Rowan Berry Cognac


Living and Working in Space


The packet contains a popular Russian alcoholic drink that consists of cognac and rowan berry syrup. The drink is traditionally homemade and can vary in strength and consistency.

Alcohol is officially prohibited on the International Space Station but on the Russian space station Mir, back in the 1990s, the rules were not so strict. During a press conference in 2010, retired cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin confirmed that alcoholic drinks were part of the rations during his stay on Mir. Cognac was recommended for medicinal purposes and to relieve stress.

This was not the only time alcohol was consumed in space. Back in 1969 the first liquid to be poured on the Moon was Buzz Aldrin’s communion wine. He later described the experience of watching the wine curl “slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup.”

During the 1970s NASA considered adding sherry to the menu for their first space station, Skylab. However, due to strong objection from the public, the sherry never made it to space.

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  • image Russian Ashberry Cognac
  • image Russian Ashberry Cognac
  • image Russian Ashberry Cognac
  • image Russian Ashberry Cognac

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